Created in 2002, the international undergraduate Chem.I.St makes the ENSCR an Engineering School resolutely open to the whole world. The aim of this original cycle is to attract the best foreign students from secondary scientific education in their country of origin and to train them for two years (4 semesters) with French scientists graduates.

Founded on a high level scientific education and a solid general and linguistic training, “Chem.I.St” brings to young scientific talents an incomparable human experience where interculturality is lived daily “in the classroom”.

At the end of the two years of Chem.I.St cycle, students have free access to the engineering cycles of the 20 member schools of the Gay-Lussac Federation in order to obtain the engineering diploma and the master’s degree.

Admission procedure for foreign students in Chem.I.St

The admission of foreign students to the Chem.I.St cycle is selective. Applicants must have an excellent scientific level and a prior knowledge of the French language. The minimum level required in French is B1 (according to the skills grid in the common European frame of reference for languages).

The recruitment of individual candidates is done by common competition on file and interview. For more information: admission to the prep cycle.

Students welcome Chem.I.St

The ENSCR provides a personalized welcome to all students admitted to the Chem.I.St cycle and assistance in all the steps essential for their integration into their new environment (accommodation, residence permit, bank, etc.).

The ENSCR organizes a “Summer School in French as a foreign language” for all students whose language level is deemed insufficient. This “School” takes place in August before the start of the new academic year. For a real immersion in French life, the students are accommodated in a host family and follow a linguistic (25h / week) and cultural program throughout the month.

For students from the Maghreb and French-speaking Africa: more info here.


Lucas Martin Ishida (Brazilian student in Chem.I.St 2nd year in 2018)
“The ENSCR came to present myself at my high school in São Paulo. As I was interested in chemistry and international experience, I applied. I really enjoyed my two years of Chemist, because I was able to develop essential scientific and linguistic skills among engineers. The education system differs completely from that of my country because in France practical work takes a very important place. In a few years, I would like to move towards studying energy. After my training as a Chemist, I think I will have no problem doing well. ”

Carol-Ann Mélandre (ex-chemist 2012-2014)
“The ICC is the most direct route to the schools of chemical engineers. Here, no competition but a place guaranteed in a school at the exit! On the program, chemistry in all its forms through courses and practical work, maths, physics, languages and human sciences. The work is intense, the family atmosphere and the promotion united. This full program allowed me to calmly approach my entry to the Montpellier school, both in the lab and in progress. Today, I’m going to double graduate in materials chemistry and marketing, and I plan to work in the medical device industry. Like what chemistry leads to everything! “

Clémentine Bidaud (ex-Chem.I.St 2010-2012)
“These two years have allowed me to meet international students. My partner was Chinese, we got along very well and we have kept in touch ever since! Compared to high school, the workload is greater and needs to be regular and diligent. There is mutual help among students, but we have to get to work right away. Then I joined the Strasbourg ECPM. The transition was easy: we already know how an engineering school works, and we have the double advantage of being at the top on theoretical subjects and having already handled a lot in TP. Now I’m doing a PhD in Materials Science. I have fond memories of these two years, which allowed me to get here today! “