CRIPSE is an association of the ENSCR which provides services to companies, ranging from chemical analyzes to product preparation.

CRIPSE has just joined in early 2020 the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises, a recognition of the work accomplished but also, a challenge for future teams. CRIPSE means Chemistry Rennes Engineers Projects Services and Studies.

CRIPSE allows its members to acquire and develop their skills in several areas:

– A step towards the company, the members are brought to develop their knowledge of the company via the different poles (canvassing of company, treasury, team management …)

– The missions also allow students to put their skills into practice and to be confronted with new demands.About fifteen missions have been carried out or are underway for ten clients, allowing the recruitment of around twenty students.

CRIPSE has its own laboratory and administrative and technical support.


CRIPSE offers you, in particular, qualitative and quantitative analysis services, expertise requests, and the implementation of your protocols.

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