Margot Guidat went to Germany for a year to complete her final year 2019-2020.

“I went on a one-year Erasmus in Stuttgart, Germany in order to improve my level in German, to live a new experience abroad with a cultural openness and personal enrichment, and eventually to be able to continued to work in Germany, I was able to take intensive courses in German, modern polymer synthesis, synthesis and characterization of solid catalysts, advanced synthesis of inorganic materials and I also completed a practical research internship in synthesis of mono-dispersed silicate nanoparticles for application in catalysts. This experience pleased me a lot and brought me a lot. I was able to improve considerably in German, to a level that I would never have been able to reach by staying in France. German culture is rich in festive events like the Wine Festival in September and the Oktoberfest in October which is the biggest popular festival in the world. I also met many students from all over the world through the university’s Erasmus network and was lucky enough to be able to do my end-of-study internship at Bosch in Stuttgart. My internship focused on permeability measurements of porous ceramic layers by screen printing for application in lambda probes. At Bosch, I was well taken care of from the start by my two supervisors who took a lot of time for me. I was lucky enough to be able to do this face-to-face internship from start to finish. Today I want to stay in this city and start my professional career there. “