Hugo FOURNIER (class of 2019) is Engineer Business Manager at SOURCES

“Interested in environmental professions, I turned to the major Process Analysis Environment (EPA) before specializing in process engineering, and particularly in water treatment. This training allowed me to integrate the company SOURCES during my 3rd year internship in which I was able to supplement my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. I was therefore hired on a permanent contract at the end of my internship and I am now a Business Engineer. I am currently supervising two projects: one for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and the other for the renovation of the sludge sector of an existing station. My job is to carry out the work as planned when responding to a call for tenders: finding subcontracting companies, directing them, managing interactions between the various trades, ordering all the necessary equipment when the station is running, manage the financial part of the site, etc. Then start up the new installation. This is a very comprehensive job since we are called upon to discuss the water treatment process as well as cyber security or even electricity with customers but also specialized companies which allows me to continue to learn about many topics. One of the advantages of this job is that there is no routine. I also really like the fact that it is an office job, of course, but in which I have to travel very regularly on construction sites to follow their progress or carry out meetings. “