This space is specially dedicated to opening up to the world and has the following objectives

– to inform, orient and accompany French and foreign students at the ENSCR in their international projects (outgoing mobility).

– to provide concrete answers to the questions of foreign students, trainees, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows arriving at the ENSCR (incoming mobility);

Our partners

The ENSCR has a vast network of partners for the international mobility of its students.

Internships and study periods abroad are the cornerstone of the school’s international training policy and provide our students with privileged opportunities to experience other ways of living or conceiving social relationships.

Now an almost unavoidable part of a student’s education, internships or exchanges abroad undoubtedly contribute to the professional and intellectual development and enrichment of engineering students.

Erasmus+ program

The Erasmus + program

What is the Erasmus + program?

Erasmus+ is the EU program for education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to millions of Europeans to study, train and gain experience abroad.

The new Erasmus+ program 2021-2027 and its priorities.

On March 25, the European Commission presented the new Erasmus+ program for the period 2021-2027, with a budget of just over €28 billion. The new Erasmus+ will be more inclusive, more digital and greener, supporting digital transformation, inclusion and diversity, as well as the environment and the fight against climate change. Thanks to this renewed Program, mobility and cross-border cooperation projects related to learning will be funded for 10 million people of all ages and backgrounds.

Policy Recommendations and guidelines to travel green

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

Erasmus+ and ENSCR

For many years, ENSCR has made visible efforts to integrate its training in the European and international context by promoting academic mobility and internships of its student-engineers abroad.

Our Erasmus + policy statement

The ENSCR has obtained the 2021-2027 charter

Franco-German University (FGU)

French-German double degree

A key element of our European policy is the strengthening of our cooperation with Germany, the driving force behind European construction and France’s leading trading partner, offering real opportunities for professional integration to our graduates in the field of chemistry. This ambition is fueled by the opportunities presented by the integrated curriculum of the Franco-German University (UFA/DFH). This is why the ENSCR has signed agreements with 3 German partner universities for the issuance of a double degree benefiting from the UFA / DFH label:

The binational course takes place like this : after acceptance of their application, the successful EI / 2 engineering students complete their final year of studies at the partner university. At the end of the training, they will obtain: the ENSCR Engineering Diploma and the German Master of Sciences diploma, as well as a certificate of recognition of bi-degree binational training issued by the UFA. This course will appear in the diploma supplement given to students at the end of the training.

To learn more about the advantages of Franco-German courses supported by UFA see this video.

Video testimony: Virginia, German student from the University of Stuttgart

This interview is in German

FITEC Programs

Brafitec Program (Brasil France Ingénieurs Technologie)

Officially born in 2002 and set up in 2003, the BRAFITEC program (BRAsil France Ingénieurs TEChnologie) allows French engineering schools and Brazilian universities to establish scientific collaboration agreements, student and teacher exchanges, in the engineering fields.

The ENSCR takes part in an exchange program set up with Brazilian universities. Thanks to this program, the students of the School can spend the first semester of their 3rd year in a partner university in Brazil (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Universidade Federal Dos Vales do Jequitinhonha and Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana).

Arfitec Program (Argentina France Ingénieurs Technologie)

The ARFITEC program is based on the concept of academic cooperation projects, developed jointly by French and Argentine higher education institutions responsible for the training of engineers in both countries.

The ENSCR takes part in an exchange program in green chemistry, materials, formulation, organic-bio-organic chemistry and safety set up with Argentinean universities. Thanks to this program, ENSCR students can spend the first semester of their 3rd year in a partner university in Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Universidad Nacional del Litoral – Santa Fe).

Chimie Shanghai Program

The “Chimie Shanghai” program

This program is led by the ENSCR for the benefit of the Fédération Gay-Lussac (FGL). It brings together the 20 chemistry and chemical engineering schools of the FGL and the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai. The so-called “Chemistry Shanghai” program was recognized in late October 2019 by the Chinese Ministry of Education. . The joint institution “Chimie Shanghai” (or, in English, International Elite Engineering School) is therefore officially accredited.

The training takes place over six years: the first three years take place in the Chinese University with scientific teaching and learning of the French language. For the next three years, students have the choice of coming to France to study in one of the twenty schools of the Gay-Lussac Federation or staying in Shanghai to obtain a Master’s degree accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur. In all cases, the last year is a year of specialization with a six-month internship in a company.

The scientific courses (about four hundred hours per year) began in October 2019. They are taught by teachers from the FGL schools, in English the first year, then in French when the required level is reached.At the end of the three years in China, a cohort of forty students will join the FGL engineering programs.



Welcome to France Program

As part of the “Welcome to France” program, the foreign students of the pre-integration semester of ENSCR and INSA participated on 10/12/2021 in an excursion to Mont-Saint-Michel. They were accompanied by the program leaders. This outing included educational and cultural aspects: the students, in groups of three, worked on a quiz of 30 questions prepared by the guides, allowing them to discover the Mont in all its diversity. At the end of the day, the team with the highest score on the quiz was awarded prizes. Our congratulations go to the three winners of this challenge who obtained a score of 27.5/30. In the opinion of all the participants, this day was a great moment of conviviality and discovery of a jewel of the regional heritage.

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