The ENSCR offers the possibility for engineering students to do the 3rd year of their work-study program via a professionalization contract.

The professionalization contract is a work contract between the student-engineer and a company for a period of 12 months. The student engineer has the status of employee of the company while being registered with the ENSCR in the 3rd year of the engineering cycle.

What are the interests of the professionalization contract?

For the student / work-study student:

– combine the acquisition of theoretical knowledge acquired in class with that of practical know-how within a company, alternating periods at school and periods at a company;
– benefit from the support of a company tutor and a teaching tutor;
– opening up more and more to the professional world;
– finance his studies;
– facilitate integration into professional life by enhancing one’s experience …

For the company :

– train future employees;
– enrich yourself with new knowledge;
– develop a privileged partnership with a major school;
– benefit from financial support from the State (partial or total exemption from salary costs, cost of training paid by OPCOs) …

The work-study calendar (sept 2020-August 2021)

ENSCR training

The training period at the ENSCR includes a common core and a course to be chosen from 4. Each course is associated with a major and includes a common core as well as 3 teaching units (EU) of intra- or inter-major specialties :

  • Process and digital engineering (EU “process engineering”, “environmental processes” and “EPA and digital”)
  • Analysis and digital (EU “analysis”, “environmental analysis”, “EPA and digital”)
  • Biotechnologies and processes (EU “biological engineering”, “chemistry and biotechnologies for agri-agrochemistry and health” and EU “process engineering”) (Opening in 2021)
  • Formulation (EU “formulation and characterization”, “formulation: colloids and interfaces” and module “chemistry and biotechnologies for agri / agrochemistry and health”) (Opening in 2021)

Useful links: Consult the page dedicated to the professionalization contract on the website of the Ministry of Labor.

COMPANIES: You wish to obtain additional information on the work-study program or send your professionalization contract offers: (02 23 23 80 74) or (02 23 23 80 68)
STUDENTS: You wish to be accompanied in your research and your work-study procedures: