The Association des Ingénieurs ENSCR was founded in 1921 with the following objectives:

  • To bring together ENSCR graduate engineers and help maintain friendships and mutual support between the members of the Association;
  • Facilitate its members’ job-seeking or retraining;
  • Offer assistance to members of the Association and their families;
  • Develop and consolidate technical and personal links between the ENSCR and the world of industry.

The Association is in contact with students at the School

It provides several kinds of help and support:

  • Gives travel grants for students leaving for a placement abroad;
  • Advice on finding placements;
  • Advice on finding work;
  • Support for projects (Tournoi Inter-Chimie, RTC etc.)

Grants for placements

The Association des Ingénieurs ENSCR gives financial support to engineering students wishing to undertake placements in a foreign country outside Europe. Grants should now be requested on-line on the Association des Engineers website.

For example, ENSCR engineering students have obtained placements in:

  • The United States (University of Columbia in New York, University of Nevada in Reno, University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, University of Florida in Gainesville)
  • Canada (Waterloo University (Ontario), University of British Columbia in Vancouver, École Polytechnique de Montréal, University de Sherbrooke, the EnvireEau Technologies Company in Richmond)
  • Brazil (University laboratory in Curitiba, Federal University of Santa Catarina)
  • Mexico (CCIQS Laboratory (research centre for Sustainable chemistry) in Toluca)
  • Australia (University laboratory in Canberra, Institute of medical research in Brisbane, RMIT University in Melbourne, University of Adelaide etc.)
  • New Zealand (Faculty of Engineering in Auckland, Laboratory of environmental analysis in Wellington)
  • China(East China University of Sciences and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai)
  • India (the Pureflowatertreatment Company, Faridabad)
  • Japan (Institute of Technology, Kitami – Hokkaido)
Contact: 02 23 23 80 61 or 80 03 or webmaster-asso-anciens@ensc-rennes.fr