To facilitate access to the first stage of study leading to the chemical engineer courses at colleges in the Gay-Lussac Federation, the ENSCR has created a Preparatory term (SPI) for foreign students..

Who for?

This term is specifically aimed at foreign students who, in their countries of origin, have just obtained the qualification or passed the exam giving access to higher scientific studies, but who have little or no knowledge of French.

The selection

This takes place according to the school calendar in the recruitment areas (at the present time principally China and Brazil).Elle se déroule en fonction du calendrier scolaire des zones de recrutement (à l’heure actuelle principalement la Chine et le Brésil).

  • For China, the applicants are short-listed in China at the end of June after the “Gao Kao” (school-leaving exam) by our correspondents and then selected in July by a joint ENSCR-INSA committee (selection on interview and school performance).
  • For Brazil, a procedure comparable to China is applied via our correspondents, but with a different calendar in the southern hemisphere: selection and interview in November-December.

When does the SPI take place?

The preparatory term (SPI) runs from mid-February to mid-June of the academic year and consists of a intensive teaching of French as a foreign language (of the order of 16 hours a week) English lessons and upgrade lessons on science subjects (maths, physics and chemistry) completed by practicals and tutorials.
At the end of the term, the students join the first cycle international Chem.I.St of the Gay-Lussac Federation in Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes or Strasbourg.

Admission Brochure des foreign students

General presentation of the ENSCR

Description in English

Educational programme

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