Chemistry plays a key role, especially relatively to the production of active substances for drugs. Without chemistry, medicine would have very little understanding and solutions for diseases and patient relief. Innovation is constant. The scope of chemistry concerns also medical devices like prosthesis, stents or artificial hearts, or medical imaging


Main Research topics

Vectorisation of active substances

Monomer Synthesis and their formulation. Study of the physical-chemical properties of supramolecular structures. Biological studies including those nanoparticles for the transport of anti-tumoral active substances or carrying high radioactive doses. Platform for the synthesis of nano-size vectors. ENSCR_vectorisation de principes actifs

Anti-cancer Treatments

Develop and synthesize oligoglycosids prone to reinforce the natural immune defenses of mammals.

Parasite control

Develop and synthesize growth inhibitors of pathogenic microorganisms characterized by the occurrence of rare glycosids in their cell membranes. Incorporation of the inhibitors into biodegradable materials.


Effects of glycolipids to the cell membrane of Leishmania Donovani, causing visceral leishmaniosis, 95% mortality if untreated


Medical imaging

Preparation of materials fitted for the separation of radioisotopes used for functional imaging (82Sr/82Rb).