Research scientists at the ENSC Rennes have access to a number of high-performance technical platforms each with a wide range of facilities and of resources. These state-of-the-art facilities intended for research may be made available for the use of companies.

NMR platform

Facilities for multinuclear liquid-state and solid-state NMR

  MICROPOL Platform

UPLC-IMS-Q-TOF. Analysis of micropollutants: chromatography (liquid, gas), mass spectrometry (coupled or not to chromatography)

X-ray diffraction Platform

Facilities for x-ray diffraction on small particle-size powders, medium and large angles, at a controlled temperature and atmosphere

SynNanoVect 017 SynNanoVect Platform

Synthetic vectors for the treatment of cancers and genetic diseases

Pilot units platform

Study of absorption, adsorption, oxidation and biological procedures, etc.

Calculations platform

Server with more than 500 compute nodes of 4 to 6 cores and RAM between 24 and 128 Go

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