All those involved in research at the ENSCR have a strong commitment to the creation of knowledge to face the challenges of our society, especially in the fields of the environment, health, materials science and sustainable development. ENSCR’s primary aim is to maintain scientific excellence and pass on the results of our research.

Subject areas

Research scientists

The ENSCR has about forty research scientists working within 5 research teams.


NMR platform, Micropol, SynNanoVect, x-ray diffraction, pilot units, calculations…


The school maintains strong relationships with industry, public bodies, research bodies, competitive clusters etc.



  • CIP
  • OMC
  • CTI
  • CMS

International recognition

In 2020, the ENSCR entered the Shanghai international ranking for the first time. This is a ranking of the world’s leading universities compiled annually by researchers from Shanghai Jiao-tong University in China. The institutions are classified according to a single index calculated from six quantitative criteria, in particular the number of researchers among those who are most cited and a productivity criterion related to the size of the teaching staff. In this 2020 ranking, 34 French establishments were distinguished. The ENSCR was classified in the “Chemical Engineering” theme alongside the Universities of Aix-Marseille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Poitiers… At the top of this category, we find MIT and Stanford University.


Staff: 44 research scientists and research fellows, 9 technical and administrative staff, 45 to 50 PhD students..

Budget: more than 1.4 million €, including 85% of financing obtained on projects and/or contracts.

Output: of 80 to 110 publications per year, 3 to 5 patents per year wholly owned or in shared ownership with companies.

Facilities: several platforms techniques (Micropol, NMR, X-rays, Chromatography, synthetic vectors)

Partnerships: and Business Units (producers of metathesis catalysts for the pharmaceutical and the agrochemical industries)


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