At the beginning of the 2014/15 university year, the ENSCR had its accreditation to issue engineering degrees CTIrenewed by the CTI, the Engineering Awards Committee, for the maximum period of six years. The ENSCR engineering diploma is accredited as EUR-ACE.



As part of its quality policy, the ENSCR and the school management have defined a number of values to try to bring out the notion of “the establishment’s philosophy”.

The ENSCR hopes this will reinforce the sentiment of internal cohesion and help all the school’s staff and students to fully adopt these values and promote them in the outside world.

The 4 values that represent the ENSCR today are:

Success Fotolia_62328386_XXL

As a synonym of achievement, each individual’s success is the very foundation on which the ENSCR is based. We do everything possible to assist students and staff towards this goal: quality training, excellence in research, efficient organisation, a shared experience…

Team spirit 

Each project is the result of close teamwork – a sharing of experience, of ideas and of knowledge in a spirit of mutual respect and trust. Team spirit is there in all of the ENSCR’s undertakings. We ensure the success of our projects by turning team spirit into a real work dynamic.


We want to train women and men who are aware of the world, curious and respectful of other people, and able to live together. Mobility for students and staff is an asset for all, a way to exchange ideas and encounter other cultures.

Creativity  Lauréat 2016 Innov'chem

Creativity, the watchword of the chemical engineer, echoes throughout our work and our life. It is the ability to invent new, original and relevant solutions. We support staff and students in striving for innovation, for all to discover their creative potential.

The school’s two aims

1) Well-recognised, high quality training of chemical engineers with:

A preparatory term (SPI)

set up for foreign students with little knowledge of French to help them access the first course of study leading to a training in chemical engineering at schools in the Gay-Lussac federation.

Preparatory courses (2 years)

a high level preparation for access to graduate engineer in chemistry and chemical engineering schools.

A engineering course (3 years)

an à-la-carte menu with the choice of two majors and teaching modules to acquire the skills and knowledge required by companies.

A Research Master in science and technology

three specialities are offered at the school: molecular chemistry, chemistry of solids and materials, water quality and treatment.

PhD training

the ENSCR is accredited to award doctorates in chemistry

2) Striving for excellence

shutterstock_145005193 reduiteA hundred publications a year, international conferences, industrial contracts, patents and exploitation licences are proof of the dynamism of our five laboratories when it comes to innovation.