On average, the ENSCR admits 82 students into the first year of the engineering course. There are various ways of obtaining admission.

 Table of the different types of admission

Admission by competitive exam: concours CCP PC

Common polytechnic entrance exam: PC-Chemistry (40 places) accessible to lycée students in a science class preparing for a major college. For information, contact the service des concours communs polytechniques or phone 05 62 47 33 43.

Admission on qualifications: L3, DUT, Master

Admission to the first year:

– Admission on qualifications for students with a Science and Technology degree (L3) specialising in chemistry or physics and chemistry (4 places).

– Admission on DUT qualification (10 places) for the students holding a DUT (chemistry, physical measurement, chemical engineering).

Send a completed application to the Office for student affairs by Thursday 30 May 2019

Admission to the second year:

– Admission on qualifications for students who have completed the first year of a master’s degree (chemistry, chemistry and physics or physical sciences), (2 places). Application form

Foreign students who have successfully completed the first year of a master’s in chemistry, physics or physical sciences and wish to make an application must supply a detailed programme of their training and details of their academic career since their baccalaureate (school-leaving exam).

Send a completed application to the Office for student affairs by Thursday 30 May 2019

Admission via FGL and ATS preparatory classes

 – Admission via the Preparatory classes of the FGL (27 places): for students from the classes CPI and Chem.I.St. of the ENSCR, the ENSCL, the ENSGTI, the ECPM or Sigma Clermont.

– Admission via the ATS classes (Adaptation for Senior Technicians) from the Lycée L’Escaut in Valenciennes, Lycée La Martinière-Diderot in Lyon or Lycée P. G. de Gennes – ENCPB in Paris (2 places).

Admission of foreign students

ENSCR, Service Études et Mobilité Internationale, 11 allée de Beaulieu, CS 50837, 35708 Rennes cedex 7, France tel.+33 02 23 23 81 07 ou 80 admissions@ensc-rennes.fr

Registration to the ENSCR takes place after the start of term, by individual invitation. It is confirmed by the payment of university fees of about 610 € a year. To this sum there may be added, depending on your situation and your age, affiliation to the student social security – about 210 euros – and/or to private health insurance.
Students of foreign nationality must subscribe to French student social security unless they hold a CEAM (European Health Insurance Card).

Higher education grants

These are available to students of French nationality and, under certain conditions, to students from the European Union. To benefit from a higher education grant you should submit a Dossier Social Etudiant on the website of the student welfare office (CROUS) of your education authority between 15 January and 30 April for the following university year. Receipt of a grant gives you exemption from registration fees, except for the medical examination fee (5.10 €).