International experience is strongly encouraged for all students in the engineering program. Students admitted to the ENSCR are aware that an experience in a foreign country is a great added value to their training.

The ENSCR has established numerous university partnerships to fully experience the opening to other cultures and other ways of thinking, learning and working in Europe or in the rest of the world.

Internship mobility

Internships abroad are possible in university laboratories or in companies. It is up to the student to find an internship in the structure and country that suits him/her, using a database, the teaching staff, the internship manager,  the alumni network, etc.

International mobility is a considerable asset for students and their future professional integration. We encourage students to do their second year internship abroad. Our university partners can host interns in their research laboratories. You will find the list of our partners below.

More information on internships here.

Mobility for Studies

Engineering students wishing to spend one or more semesters abroad can do so in the 3rd year of the engineering program. Depending on the destination and the length of the stay, financing is possible.  The ENSCR has signed agreements for obtaining a double degree, i.e. the title of engineer from the ENSCR and the title of Master or Engineer from the partner institution.

The study methods and the choice of modules differ according to the universities. It is important to find out early on about the courses offered and the application deadlines.

Exchange programs

Studying abroad in EI 3 – Various possibilities

Within the framework of our international agreements, ENSCR students can spend their first semester of the 3rd year in a partner institution, and validate 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System, a system common to the whole of the European Community).

The ENSCR has numerous partnership agreements with institutions around the world.

  • Argentina

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

University of Southern Denmark

  • Germany

Technische Universität Chemnitz

Technische Universität Dresden

  • Hungary

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Portugal

Universidade do Minho

  • Romania

Universitatea din Bucureşti

Universitatea Politehnica din Bucureşti

Universitatea “Vasile Alecsandri” din Bacău

Universitatea “Dunãrea de Jos” din Galati

“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

Ion Ionescu de la Brad din Iasi

University “Lucian Blaga” of Sibiu

Universitatea Transilvania Brașov

  • Spain

Universidad de Murcia

Universidad de Sevilla

Universitat de València

Universitat Politécnica de València – Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

  • Sweden

Stockholm University

  • Turkey

Gebze Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü

İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Muguette Allègre left for several months in 2019-2020 to study in the Czech Republic

« I left for five months during the first semester of my 3rd year of school at the UCT (University of Chemistry and Technology) in Prague, Czech Republic. The objective of this exchange was to acquire skills similar to those I would have had at ENSCR while taking advantage of courses in English and another way of teaching. This experience allowed me to travel and to meet students of other nationalities. At the beginning of my stay, Czech seemed inaccessible to me but after a few language courses at UCT, I learned how to manage in everyday life. I was able to improve my level of English during the courses and thanks to the other Erasmus students. This semester was also an opportunity to discover Prague and the Czech Republic during the winter by enjoying the outdoor ice rinks, the many Christmas markets, field hockey games and goulash!  »

Double degree

Double degree with several universities

ENSCR students can also do a double degree abroad.  These students leave the school after the 2nd year of the engineering cycle and follow, depending on the agreement signed, between one and two years of a Master’s degree in one of the chemistry courses offered by the university. These exchanges allow them to obtain the ENSCR engineering diploma and the Master’s or Engineering degree from the partner university.

The ENSCR has double degree agreements with the following institutions:

  • Brazil

Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

Universidade Federal do Paraná

  • Canada

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi UQAC

  • Czech Republic

University of Chemistry and Technology

  • Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

  • Germany

Franco-German University (FDU)

Technische Universität Dresden

  • Spain

Universitat Politécnica de València – Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales

Universidad de Sevilla

  • Russia

Saint-Petersburg state institute of technology

Félix Schroen (GERMANY)

« The double degree program between the ENSC Rennes and the TU Dresden offers an opportunity for chemistry students to discover a new culture, a new language and a new education system during their studies. Besides the sometimes busy course program, they have the possibility to meet new people and to form international friendships and contacts. This in combination with gaining new language and intercultural skills as well as the acceptance of all course achievements thanks to the study agreement between the 2 institutions allows to get valuable experience of life without losing time in the curriculum. »

Student grants

Administrative formalities and financial aid

The International Studies and Mobility Department works to help students spend part of their studies abroad. A mobility grant can be awarded according to precise criteria, depending on the nature of the internship (in a company or in a university), the location (Europe or outside Europe), and social criteria (grant holder or not). The ENSCR has the following funding available for the current year:

Grant of Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

– Erasmus + grant

– Franco-German University grant

FITEC (ARFITEC, BRAFITEC …) programs grants

For further information, please contact the following address :