The procedure to follow

This procedure relates to students attending a French lycée in France or abroad, and to students attending a foreign secondary school, and to those holding a foreign school-leaving certificate (science course).

The combined FGL foundation courses are those at the CPIs of Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes and Strasbourg.

> To apply to any CPI, you only need to make one application on PARCOURSUP.

Recruitment is by open competition on the basis of the written application and an interview; there is no written exam.

Applications will be open from January to March 2022. You should read the guide for applicants (consultable on admission-postbac) to understand exactly how the admissions procedure operates and what the rules are.

The stages of application
  1. Applications are made on
    (Select “CPI-Chimie-Gay-Lussac” )
  2. List the CPI(s) you wish to apply for
  3. No paper file is to be sent back to the ENSCR (except the certificate for the stock-exchange candidates). The study of applications will be made from PARCOURSUP via the dematerialized files.

> Note that the application fee is 95 € (50 € for secondary-school sholarship holders).

The calendar 2021

20 Jan-29 Mar Application on ParcourSup and wishes of formation
Until April 7
Deadline for the validation of the application
From June 2
Reception-Acceptance of proposals by the future student while respecting the deadlines imposed by the portal

The interview

Only applicants with adequate marks in their school-leaving exams are called for interview. The interview lasts 20 minutes. The aim is to assess the motivation of the applicant for chemistry and a future career in chemical engineering.

More information on careers in chemistry:

Several interview locations are possible. Applicants can choose the place of interview from the different proposals made at the time of their registration on the Parcoursup. CPI Rennes organises interviews in Nantes, Paris and Rennes (dates are given below).

City Calendar 2022
Rennes waiting for date
Nantes waiting for date
Paris waiting for date

  • If you have made applications to several CPI centres, you only need to sit one interview; its result will be considered by all the centres you have listed.
  • For applicants living outside France, telephone interviews are organised
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes – Admissions CPI 11, allée de Beaulieu – CS50837 – 35708 Rennes cedex 7 – France Téléphone : +33 02 23 23 80 05  –