The ENSCR consists of:

510 students-engineers including:

Some twenty nationalities

80 graduates a year

3400 graduates since the school was founded

2 majors (EPA - CTV)

3 Masters

45 teachers and CNRS research fellows

45 PhD students and post-PhD students

5 research laboratories (CIP, CORINT, OMC, CTI, CSM)

Fifteen patents in the last 5 years

60 outside speakers

110 international publications a year

100 papers in international conferences

1 newsletter


To help its students succeed, the ENSCR has built up a modern technological environment with:

  • high technology facilities in the research laboratories,
  • a Chemical Engineering Building (PIC) with a technology hall six metres high
  • a digital workspace,
  • an e-training platform,
  • multimedia rooms for scientific and foreign language teaching,
  • total WIFI coverage and laptop computers available,
  • a resources centre,
  • an editing suite with free access
  • a state-of-the-art lecture theatre
  • a videoconference room
  • classrooms and lecture theatres fitted with video projection facilities …