Ségolène Van Laecken(2013 year, product development engineer with ISOVER-Saint Gobain)

“After my first-year placement in a laboratory, on photo polymerisation, I switched to the CTV course, with the Advanced Organic Chemistry option. The lessons are very interesting and the practical work meant we could put what we learnt directly into practice. For our second professional experience, the school encouraged us to go abroad and helped us with the formalities. So I went to England for a placement in basic research. In the last year, in spite of the quality of the courses at the ENSCR, I wanted to do more on the international side and I took advantage of Erasmus to do a Master’s in industrial and environmental chemistry at the University of Seville (Spain). Today, I work as a product development engineer at ISOVER-Saint Gobain. What I find really exciting is the diversity of my work. Every day I learn something new in chemistry, or processes, or mechanics, or quality control… I love being on the shop floor and also in my office. I really enjoy analysing the results, understanding where the differences in product  quality come from and making changes to improve the process.”