Jordan allouis bis(2013 Year, Project Engineer with Orchidis Laboratoire)

“After a foundation course, I joined the ENSCR. I was first attracted by the courses that targeted the environment and particularly water treatment. In my second year, I chose the EPA (Environment, Processes and Analyses) option. Then in my third year, I specialised by choosing the option Analyses and Analyses for the environment to increase my knowledge of what happens to elements in the environment (water, air, soil). During my studies, I completed three placements. The School helps us to find them by giving us in-house access to the history of placements held by students in previous years (their contact and the subject of the placement). Conferences are also organised with volunteers from the OTECI(*) and speakers from the business world so as to help us write a CV and an application letter. These professionals guide us in our research and offer us a simulated interview. Once the course is over, the school monitors how its engineers are doing in career development. The placements are essential for breaking into the business world and developing your skill. In the second year, you have the option of going abroad. Travel grants are offered by various organisations: the European Union, the ENSCR, the association of ex-students, the Brittany Region and the Ministry of Higher education. So I went off for four months to Vancouver in Canada. I spent my end-of-course placement in the research centre of Suez Environment. This placement was on the impact of reagents in a decanting reactor for producing drinking water. After this placement, I started looking for a job and after a few months, I was taken on as a project engineer in a company specialising in water analysis and control. I am in charge of managing projects and submitting tenders for turnkey laboratories in France and abroad.”

(*)Association of senior volunteer experts