Clarisse LE GALL

Clarisse le Gall 2(2014 year, engineer and project manager for the Société de Travaux Antilles-Guyane)

“In my last year of EPA, I specialised in Processes and Processes for the environment with an option in analyses for the environment. My last placement with SOURCES meant I could finish my training as the engineer in charge of dealing with tenders for the construction and rehabilitation of waste-water and drinking-water treatment stations. This placement led to me being recruited, in Guadeloupe by the company SO.TR.A.G, (a civil engineering company in the West Indies and Guyana), in a similar position as an engineer and project manager. Now, as well as dealing with tenders I monitor the current construction projects, tenders successfully bid for, and smaller worksites, and commercial development in the region of Guadeloupe. Thanks to the ENSCR, its network of ex-students and its contacts with businesses, I found it easy to settle into my career.”