Globalisation of trade and industry has encouraged the internationalisation of skills and careers. Higher education institutions take this into consideration from the beginning of their courses. 

This is why the ENSCR a has ventured to offer specialised courses to the best science students from abroad who have just completed their secondary education:

The preparatory term (SPI)

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The international Chem.I.St (Chem.istry International STudies) course

The first international Chem.I.St course was created in 2002 and makes the ENSCR a School of engineering that is steadfastly open to the whole world. The aim of this innovative course is to attract the best foreign students who have completed a science-based secondary education in their own countries and to educate them for two years (4 terms) with French school-leavers (Bac S).

Based on a high level scientific education and a sound general and linguistic background, “Chem.I.St” offers to young people talented in science an incomparable multicultural experience lived daily in the classroom.

After following two years of the Chem.I.St course, students will have access without a final exam to engineering courses to the 20 Schools which are members of the Fédération Gay-Lussac with the aim of obtaining an engineering and master’s degree.

Description and introductory information for the Chem.I.St course in one of the following languages:
Admissions leaflet for foreign students
Information for students from North Africa and French-speaking Africa

The FGL has signed an agreement with the French-speaking industrial chemistry Sector at the Chemical technology and Metallurgy (UTCM) University in Sofia, Bulgaria, which makes provision for students from North Africa and French-speaking central Africa may apply at the same time for the Chem.I.St programme in Clermont-Ferrand, Lille or Rennes and the French-speaking sector in Sofia.

The advantages the Sofia French-speaking sector are an scientific education in French and a engineering degree recognised by the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (the French Accreditation Board for Engineering).

If you are thinking of applying, you should bear in mind that Bulgaria is a country where the cost of living for students compares very favourably with other European countries.

the application form to the UTCM.

Admissions procedure to Chem.I.St for foreign students 

There is a selection process for the admission of foreign students to the Chem.I.St course is selective. Applicants must have achieved an excellent scientific level and have previous knowledge of the French language.

The minimum level required for the French language is B1 (as shown in the Common European Framework of References for Languages).

Individual applicants are admitted after examination of the student’s application form and an interview. For more information: admission to the preparatory course.

Admission of Chem.I.St students

The ENSCR provides a personal service to all new students in the Chem.I.St course and offers assistance with essential tasks such as finding accommodation, obtaining a residence permit, banking.

The ENSCR organises a Summer School in French as a foreign language for all students whose language level is thought to be inadequate. This School takes place in the August immediately before the new academic year starts. To give total immersion in French life, students will live in a family and will follow a language and cultural course (25 hours per week) throughout the month.

Anh Minh Nguyen (VIETNAM)

« Having obtained my high school diploma in Vietnam in 2010, I chose the Chem.I.St  program in Rennes, which is a unique opportunity for international students who want to become Engineer in chemistry. The program offers a solid scientific foundation and is open to a variety of languages and cultures.